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Ningbo and Pusan, South Korea carried out exchanges and cooperation in textile and garment industry

WWW.IFFAIR.CN  2015/5/22 华博传媒 Editor:Ms. Crystal Ying

(Correspondent Xu Yan) To seek garment industry cooperation, the delegation of Industry Administration Department of Pusan, South Korea visited Ningbo on May 11th. Mr. Zhouxueming, Deputy director of Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Committee and some relevant directors introduced the situation of Ningbo economic and industrial development to the representatives of Pusan. And the two parties carried out exchanges and discussed business cooperation in terms of textile and garment industry.
 Pusan’s textile and garment industry is well-developed, with the proportion accounts for 13% among industries of all sorts. Besides, Pusan has been continuously held 18 Pusan Fashion Fairs. In fact, frequent textile and garment industry exchanges were carried out between the two cities. Pusan once sent a delegation to attend Fashion Ningbo and representatives of Ningbo garment industries often visited Basun for business promotion and communication. The two parties talked in-depth on how to further strengthen Ningbo and Pusan’s garment industry cooperation based on the current situations. And both of them hoped that relying on Fashion Fairs, the two parties can enhance industry development communication, boost designers’ cooperation, organize garment production exhibition and achieve mutual development with complementary advantages. After the exchanges, the two parties signed Ningbo-Pusan Garment Industries cooperation agreement.




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