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A promotion conference for the 19th Fashion Ningbo held in Shanghai

WWW.IFFAIR.CN  2015/5/25 华博传媒 Editor:Ms. Crystal Ying

(Correspondent Yu Qiaofeng & Shao Liqiong) As an important activity to “Shanghai-Ningbo Week”, the promotion conference for the 19th Fashion Ningbo held in the morning of May 21st, in Shanghai International Convention Center. Mr. Zhao Huarong was the host and he is the director of Marketing Department of Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Committee. Mr. Zhouxueming, director of Fashion Ningbo Organizing Committee and deputy director of Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Committee attended the conference and delivered a speech. Mr.Yang Jie, executive director of Fashion Ningbo Organizing Committee and chairman of Ningbo Hixpo Conference & Exhibition Co.,Ltd. made an introduction of the 19th Fashion Ningbo. Over 80 people attended the conference and carried out exchanges, they were representatives from Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria, Consulate General of the United Mexican States, ShanghaiCommerce Association For General Merchandise, Shanghai Textile Business Association, Shanghai Garment Industry Association, Henan chamber of commerce in Shanghai, Guizhou chamber of commerce in Shanghai, Seres Group from Columbia and so on.
Under the auspices of China National Textile and Apparel Council, China National Garment Association, and Ningbo Municipal People's Government, Fashion Ningbo is supported by China National Light Industry Council and China General Chamber of Commerce, led by Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Committee and organized by Ningbo Hixpo Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd., the 19th Fashion Ningbo is scheduled to be held on October 22-25, 2015, in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Themed with “Creative Ningbo Oriental Fashion”, taken “ innovation and integration” as the main line, by gathering domestic and foreign industry data , fashion data and marketing channels, the 19th Fashion Ningbo is aimed to promote a fashion and branding garment industry and lead it to a rapid transition and development. Three parts, respectively exhibition show, fashion release and economic and trade forum, totally 12 activities will be proceeded in the 19th Fashion Ningbo.
As the core activity of Fashion Ningbo, the 19th IFFAIR contain 6 pavilions of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, covering a total exhibition area of 45,000 square meters with 2,200 exhibition booths. Exhibition area for Man & Woman’s clothing, Kids wear /Casual wear, Textile/Garment Materials and Fabrics,  Sales, garment machinery will be set up and to extend industrial chain, improve platform features and promote exhibition booths effectiveness, the 19th IFFAIR will increase exhibition area for E-Business, authorized Animation, Down Wear, Leather Wear. Besides, Textile/Garment Materials and Fabrics and Garment Machinery exhibition will be in a separate pavilion. The scale of IFFAIR is ranked the top ones of professional exhibitions in the country.
It is said that the 19th IFFAIR will upgrade the activities of commerce forums to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness. China Garment “Machine replace labour”Submit 2015 Special Promotion Day will be held in IFFAIR, as well as China Men’s clothing Industry & Trend for 2015, China Garment Buyers Meeting 2015. Meanwhile, to create a 3D realm, that is “market, fashion and Internet+” for garment industry and to expand the intension and extension of garment forums. Under the theme of  “ Internet+garment marketing”, Fashion Ningbo will organize E-business, fine Tmall brands and garment industries to attend IFFAIR. And to promote marketing innovation, Fashion Ningbo will conduct live forums for E-business professionals and garment industries as well as give visitors experience on-line shopping and directly purchase.

The catwalk show will be in Ningbo Hefeng Originality Square, which makes a “dual-wheel driving” combination with the exhibition hall. The 19th Fashion Ningbo will do better on size and quality, such as four thematic catwalk shows respectively young and sharp designers, pioneer colleges, oversea designer brands and brand enterprises. By doing so, Fashion Ningbo is aimed to be a professional distribution platform for fashion, ready-made garment and accessory in terms of new production, new design and new technology and a service platform for famous brands and designers in terms of image promotion, originality display and popularity transmission.

Last but not the least, the 19th Fashion Ningbo will set up Serbian Fashion Week and Busan Fashion Week. By exhibitions, brand catwalks, live forums and interviews, Fashion Ningbo will not only help exhibitors popularize their brands, beautify their images and enhance effectiveness, but make Fashion Ningbo itself more international and fashionable.




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